Who is Oil Hille?

You’ve probably never heard of me, but that is good. Why? Because I am just a regular guy. I am just like you except I decided to learn how to trade for a living.

I have been trading foreign currencies and commodities part time since 1990, and full time since the start of 2007. Let me tell you how I first started.

In 1990 when I was 25 I received an inheritance of $30,000. That was back when $30,000 was a lot of money! I must have been reading a lot of James Bond novels at the time because I thought it would be really cool to open a Swiss bank account. I applied to Credit Suisse for the account forms and while I waited for them to arrive I decided to put my dollars into Swiss Francs.

At that time there was one dealing room in the city I lived in. I phoned them up and did the deal – I still remember the rate 0.8334! So my $30,000 became 25,002 Swiss Francs.

Three weeks later the bank documents arrived from Switzerland. I phoned the bank to talk about transferring the money. The broker told me that the exchange rate had moved in my favor. I asked him what he meant. He said that the exchange rate was now 0.7962 and that if transferred the Swiss Francs back into Dollars I would have $31,400. I said “Do it! Do it now!”

When I put the phone down I jumped around the house whooping with delight. I couldn’t believe I had just made $1,400 for doing nothing.

The vacation job I had just finished paid $8.60 an hour which was $275 a week after tax. I had just made the equivalent of five weeks of early starts and hard dirty work – just by making two phone calls! I changed my mind about opening a Swiss bank account and instead I started to move my money in and out of currencies. In retrospect it was a very inefficient way to trade currencies but at the time I didn’t know any better. Surprisingly I did six profitable trades in a row and made a few thousand dollars – I literally could not believe it!

Back in 1990 there was no internet and it was very difficult to check prices and movements unless you phoned your broker. However, I was studying at University and Reuters had sponsored a live trading screen at the library. I could check my profits and losses between classes! I had a friend at university who had some money so we started trading together.

As I learned more I started trading metals and commodities such as gold and cocoa. I was flying by the seat of my pants and I had no real idea what I was doing. Consequently I had some significant losses followed by that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Like anything, the more you do it the better and smarter you become. I have made lots of mistakes in trading but most of these have been real learning opportunities. Losing hard-earned cash is a good way to learn fast. You never want to make the same mistake twice.

So I have been trading part time since 1990.

But in 2006 I decided that I would start trading full time from 1 January 2007. By this I meant that it would become my focus as a business. Like any business the more work and focus you put into it, the more successful you are.

In 2008 the Media interviewed me on my trading lifestyle. The interview was syndicated nationwide and I got tons of emails, letters and phone calls from traders and people interested in traders.

I have since mentored numerous beginning and intermediate traders. I have also co-founded a Trading Club which meets six times a year.

I also hold the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Commerce with First Class Honors in Accountancy
Chartered Accountant (CPA)

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