Free Trading Resources

Here is a list of Free Trading Resources that I use and recommend. Feel free to suggest high quality Free Resources to me and I will add them.

Bookmark this page because I will be continually updating the Free Resources.

1.My trading Blog where I outline strategies and live trades:

2.Fantastic Commodities website where you can create your own portfolio of commodities for free:

3.Great trading news calendar I use every day:

4.My favorite news and market data website the Wall Street Journal:

5.More excellent financial news, The Financial Times:

6.BBC Business News:

7.Bloomberg’s Home Page:

8.Financial News via video, Bloomberg TV:

9.Commodities information and charting:

10. Historical price charts for a huge number of instruments:

11. The US Department of Agriculture Website for Agricultural Commodities:

12. Terrific stock charting and stock and market information:

13. Yahoo’s Finance Page:

14. Investors' Encyclopedia -

15. Lots of useful information at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange website:


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