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I have a score to settle with Natural Gas. In one of my most successful trading periods in the first half of 2008 I made a lot of money long commodiites like Cocoa, Soybeans, Soybean Oil, Coffee etc.

But I was so busy with those commodities that I failed to notice Natural Gas breaking upwards as well, and missing that trade cost me around $100,000.

So here we are four and a half years later and it is time to even the score! Of course as a trader I don’t actually think like that because the market can and will do whatever it wants to, and it never owes me anything. Still, no-one could accuse me of not being patient, and I am planning how I can take $100,000 or more from Natural Gas if it races upwards.

First some recent background. Natural Gas futures have just recently been at their lowest level for 12 years. See this monthly chart (click to enlarge):

Notice how low we are compared to the average price over the last decade. A return to the average is know as “mean revision” or “reverting to the mean”. You can also see the 2008 run up in price that I missed.

Here is the daily chart for the November 2012 contract showiing the lovely new 20 day high breakout that I have been waiting patiently for (click to enlarge):

Although I am strictly a technical trend trader, I do like it when there are catalysts that I can point to that have triggered the trade. And this from today re Monday’s rally:

Futures rallied as weather forecasters called for a cold spell through much of the central U.S. in the coming weeks. Traders say the expected drop in temperatures is likely to prompt the first meaningful demand for natural gas used for heating, one of the most widespread applications for the fuel.”

Will prices race up quickly into double digits like they did in 2003, 2005, and 2008? I have no idea, I am a simple trend trader. But if they do, you will be able to hear the cash register ring from wherever you are!

Happy trading.




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