Equities and NZ Dollar – Flip Flop!


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Part of being a good trader is quickly recognizing when you are wrong, and moving on.

My last blog noted that a lot of the techical data pointed to falling equities and therefore falling risk currencies such as the New Zealand dollar.

However the indicators have changed again.

Martin Zweig’s 4% model went to +5.29% last Friday 1 July 2011, signalling to go long equities.

Also the Zweig NYSE Volume Ratio showed an extremely bullish reading on Friday 1 July, and the 10 day moving average is a hugely bullish 3.71.

I am now cautiously bullish. Cautious because the sentiment indicators are still at an all time high.

The Almanac MACD indicator has swung around to bullish again too.

Because I have disclosed my losses in previous blogs, I will say that I was profitable on the short NZD USD trade. I sold at 0.8206 and bought it back at 0.8070.

I also went long Dow Futures on Thursday 30 June 2011, and took my profits at the close of trade on 1 July 2011.

Combined profits were around a 3% gain on total equity.

Happy Trading

Oli Hille


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